Choosing an Indoor Shooting Range


indoor shhoting range

An indoor shooting range can be a fun, safe and affordable way to practice your shooting skills. There are many factors to consider when choosing a shooting range. Some ranges are designed for private use, while others are intended for public access. Many indoor shooting ranges require shooters to bring their own firearms, while others require them to rent guns and purchase ammunition. Many ranges also allow shooters to shoot different types of guns, and some will allow you to book a specific shooting experience.


Safety is a top priority at any shooting range, so make sure to wear hearing and eye protection. Indoor shooting ranges produce 140 dB of noise, so it’s important to protect your ears and eyes from these loud sounds. You should also wear eye protection, and eyeglasses that have a prescription can be a good option. Remember to read and understand the rules thoroughly. Incorrect use of safety equipment may lead to a disciplinary action or permanent ban.

The lighting at an indoor shooting range can be very different from that of an outdoor one. In addition to using an automated target placement system, an indoor range may have angled plates that contain collectors to minimize the impact of bullet fragments. Additionally, the range may have rubber curtains to prevent bullet fragments from reaching the target area.