How to Make a Michael Myers Costume

Michael Myers Costume

A Michael Myers Costume is a fun way to relive the terrifying atmosphere from Halloween. The killer is only six years old when the movies begin, so you can easily find a costume that is based on his appearance. There are many places where you can buy a Michael Myers costume, including Party City.

Wear This Mask To Hide In The Bushes

A Michael Myers costume can also be made using simple items. A jumpsuit and a knife are great options. A knife with blood dripping from it will be a terrifying addition to the outfit. For an authentic Michael Myers look, you can even get an official Michael Myers knife. The knife should be a black color so that it matches the rest of the outfit.

To complete a Michael Myers costume, you will need a Michael Myers Mask, a bloody knife, and men’s coveralls. Additional items such as Fake Blood and the Halloween 4 movie can help you complete the look. Once you’ve gotten all of your items, you’re ready to go!

A Michael Myers mask will give you the appearance of the infamous serial killer. The mask looks just like the one used by Shatner. It also has the look of freshly slicked hair, making it perfect for your Halloween look.