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Retreats NZ is a wonderful way for you to experience a stress-free retreat whilst gaining some much-needed perspectives and knowledge from your yoga teacher training in the UK. Retreats NZ is a network of yoga teachers who have made themselves available as support and resources to help those new to yoga in overcoming their learning curve and developing a strong foundation of yoga practice. Retreats NZ is run by the Network of Buddhist Retreats, (an international organization of Buddhist religious communities based in NZ). The retreats are facilitated by Buddhist monks who live in the bush, giving you a completely natural and serene environment for you to meditate and relax. You will be provided with a map and directions to your retreat and will need to bring all the materials you need with you into the forest. Some campsites will provide basic hygiene facilities and you may also find that others have a resource box with helpful information regarding the spiritual life, the practice of yoga and life in general.

How to know About Retreats NZ

retreats nz

These retreats usually last two weeks and will involve many different aspects of the healing arts. You will meet and work with a number of fellow retreaters from your own community who have chosen to come to the retreat. You will also work alongside other new and experienced yoga practitioners from the NZ region. All retreats are designed for those who are looking to deepen their practice and bring greater understanding both physically and spiritually. Many retreats will involve long periods of time in the wilderness, sometimes camping out in the bush for several days.

Retreats NZ offer retreats in a range of locations including Christchurch, Queenstown, New Zealand’s West Coast, Mount Cook, Nelson and Whakarewarewa for a week long retreat. There is a number of other options available including Day Tours and Family Camps. There is no doubt that a stay at one of the gorgeous and relaxing retreats in New Zealand can give you the required ‘boost’ you may need during your wellness journey in New Zealand.

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